The flip-flop, re-engineered.

Typical flip-flops – according to our ergonomics experts - are terrible for your feet. They’re too flat. Your toes have to work too hard in them.
Our iQushion™ flip-flops, on the other hand, have heel and ball of foot impact pillows, a contoured arch-curve to support
you when you walk, and 
high rebound rubber. Try a pair. You’ll see why we say that our flip-flops eat other flip-flops for breakfast. 


 Which of these is your favourite?

Or would you like one of each? Nothing beats the comfort (and cuteness) of our comfort-engineered, summer-ready flip-flops. They’re ergonomic. 
They’re supportive. They’re sexy with a suntan. Now, which ones are you getting – sparkly, backstrap, plain or all of them?!

 Use these easy-on-and-off ‘crystal’ charms to personalise your iQushion flip-flops (and give yourself twinkle toes).

In heart-shaped, teardrop and round versions – they’re perfect for bling on the beach or sparkle in the city.

Wear a pair by themselves, or mix, match and maximalise. Up to you!

Slide Into Summer

You may also need a pair of these pool sliders, in every colour. They’re slip on. Ultra ergonomic.
Groovy with socks. Great for plodding around the house, or taking you to the beach.